The book business has existed for many decades now. People are always looking for different ways and means to enlighten themselves and learn more. So should do those who are about to trade with the Dubai lifestyle app as it appears to be scam as mentioned by several sources.

World Book day

It is a day for celebration. It is a day that is celebrated by authors, publishers, illustrators, and book lovers. It is a day when people celebrating the activity of reading. Designated by the UNESCO, it is being marketed in over 100 countries in the world today.

It falls in the first week of March, every year. The value and the habit of book reading are appreciated and rejoiced on this day.

Advantages of reading

  • Adds knowledge in just about any field
  • Improves imagination
  • Takes you to a whole new world
  • Improves the vocabulary and the speaking skills
  • Your best company while traveling
  • Improves concentration

The business of books

The people, who invest in the world of business and finance it, believe in the blessing that is reading. They believe that it is an activity that will continue in some form or the other. There are different ways by which the contents of a book can be conveyed to the reader

  • Regular books – They have been considered to be the best thing since sliced bread. Ardent book lovers believe that there is no charm in reading e-books. The smell of a new book and reading it with a cup of coffee is irreplaceable to them.
  • E-books – They are available in gadgets and laptops. Kindle is one of the most important and popular equipment when it comes to e-books. The business of e-books has taken a firm place in the market. People today that are extremely busy and travel a lot prefer to carry a kindle with them and read from it. This business is thriving and will continue to do so.
  • Audiobooks – The sale of audio books is high, especially in educational institutions. It is useful for second language learners, struggling readers, learning disabled students and those who do not have the habit of reading.

The book business

One of the reasons why the sales of print books have declined is because of the rise in the production and sales of e-books and e-readers. There has been an increase in the sales of e-books by 48 times. The hardcover and paperback sales remain level.

The publishing industry is thriving and there is data to prove it. The book publishing business has proven to be resilient. The competition between the digital, the audible and the print does have its effect. The format in which the books are published makes a difference to the businessmen. There is also increase in the success of the self-published books which is another boost to the world of business.

The popular quote from Harry Potter – When in doubt, go to the library, makes much sense in the real world. Be it actual books, e-books or audio books, the book business will always thrive, one way or another. Books contribute to the economy and deserve the love and respect that it gets.

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