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  1. Hi Rebecca, I’ve just finished reading Being Kalli and…wow! I loved the feisty Kalli and the raw emotion and honesty in her story which she tells how it is, without any mawkishness. It’s a great story for young adults and I’m sure there are young women out there who could relate to Kalli. Congratulations on a terrific read…which I read in one go, by the way :)

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Will you be writing a second book for the Entwine Series?? If so when do you expect it to be published? I LOVE that book!

    • It was originally published as a standalone though I had plans if I was going to extend it into a series. At the moment there is little demand for more so I’m working on the rental series and might return to this afterward.

      Thanks for reading! It really means a lot to me that you enjoyed Entwine. It had a weird reception.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m reading entwined, only a couple chapters in. I like the chemistry of the mains so far. I stumbled on Entwined on amazon and I feel like it was fate. Your blog is very cool. Look forward to working with you on my ebook cover. Lxo

  4. Really enjoyed reading your blog and looking around your website; I have just launched a website as my first novel is to be published in a few weeks and so I may be bothering you for some help in the future! :) Amazing work – well done!


  5. Hello Rebecca, pleased to meet you, my name is James. Looking forward to enjoying your blog and exploring your writing. My best regards and take care, James :-)

  6. Hey, Rebecca I just can’t imagine you work in germany (if yes then ) WOW! I always wished to work there how lucky you are

  7. Hi I absolutely love your blog.
    I’m in the middle of studying my Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing, you say in your ABOUT section that you stopped, how did you get the job as an editorial assistant if you didn’t complete your studies?

    • I was desperate to get a job in editing but realistically I knew that probably wouldn’t happen. Someone in my course worked for a publishing house and told me about job openings. Eventually I was successful and had to quit the course because my job a full-time position.

  8. Hi Rebecca, fellow Melbournian! I saw you liked a Limewriters post just now and that we share a city. (Aren’t you loving our fantastic weather at the moment? Haha!) And a love of writing. :) There’s talk above of advice you gave on covers. I need to create one for a story-time.me serial novel I’ve just started. But I’ll be back to track that down when I have more time. Gotta fly.

    Good luck with everything!



    • Hi, Richard. I visit the LimeWriters blog often. Their blog is varied and fun.

      Did you read the post (on book covers)? It’s a compilation of obvious no-nos that many writers abuse.

      Anyway, you should definitely check out the advice. I’d hate for you to make a simple mistake that deters readers.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Hi there—I was drawn to your blog because of the advice you gave on covers…I have a friend who has sold several photographs to Penguin Books (I’ll have to see if they meet your criterion).

    Also, after some exploration, your blog is very inspiring. I teach middle school English and sometimes getting kids to have fun with writing is like pulling teeth. I try to expose them to people who actually enjoy the craft. Perhaps I could show them a few of your entries :)

    • Hi Kayla. Thank you for following my blog!

      I’m glad you found the post on “covers” interesting. It’s such a big issue with more indie/self-published authors than ever before. Most don’t get it right.

      Admittedly, I was embarrassed to read between the ages of 13-17. It’s a school/teenager thing. Maybe all these bestselling YA novels will bring back readers!?

      I have a range of posts your students might enjoy. You can check my categories (left sidebar), so you only view relevant posts such as books, book reviews, writing tips, and the author interviews category is so much fun. I have NYT bestselling authors on my blog to chat with. :)))

    • Hi, Rose. Welcome to Novel Girl.

      Perhaps my blog name is just me getting ahead if myself. Lol. No published novels yet, but one underway. At the moment, Novel Girl is a place to learn more about writing advice, books, authors and publishing. It’s also a place to connect with readers and writers.

      Please look at my categories and popular posts (both in the menu column) and see if there are any past posts you find helpful.

      Chat soon!

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve had a web presence for years for my artwork at http://www.jomorise.com
    On the other hand, I’m new to blogging and find it takes time to just get it together. But I keep working at it—actually I have two blogs. I decided to have one for writing and another for my art because it looked and felt disorganized going from art to writing within the same blog.
    Your blog is great. I’ll certainly come back and peruse your links on writing and getting published. I just finished my first novel and hope to get published.
    Thanks, Jo

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