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PRECISE went live today! It’s now available at two stores and all formats for the launch price of just $0.99!

Note: there are details below about how you can get your hands on free gift cards!

If you’re a Kindle user (Kindle eReader; or Kindle app for PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad) you can buy from your corresponding store:

If you use any other file type — ePub, PDF, RTF, etc — you can buy your preferred file type from:

Smashwords is easy to sign up to, and it’s fantastic because once you click buy, you can download the mobi file for your kindle app, the ePub file for your eReader, and the PDF copy to print off. All for the one price, you get access to all file types.

No need to miss out.

Remember samples from Amazon and Smashwords are available and free to try!

What about other sites like Barnes & Noble?

Precise is still pending publication at Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBookstore. Not to worry, if you want to go directly to your preferred store, I’ll create another post once those book links are live.

Party time!

Don’t forget about my online launch parties. There will be discussions, book giveaways, and lots of virtual martinis for y’all. Join the:

* The Twitter Hashtag Precise Tweet-a-thon will occur at these world times:

  • New York EST: Thursday, 29 November 2012 at 7:00 PM
  • Melbourne EDT: Friday, 30 November 2012 at 11:00 AM

Please use the hashtag #PreciseLaunch when sending tweets so we’ll all be linked to the same conversation.

WAIT! There are free gift cards available!

So. This is me. And my book.

You didn’t think I was going to let you get away with no rewards — wait, did you? I’m shocked! I’d never …

Anyway, the point is I want to say thank you for buying my book. Precise costs only $0.99 but I’d like to personally give two Amazon gift cards worth $4.99 to the bestest reviews left on Amazon and Goodreads.

Entry conditions:

  1. Leave an honest book review of Precise on Amazon and Goodreads.
  2. Email me the link to your book review posts (specific URL. If not, list details to find your review).
  3. Send your email to rebeccaberto [at] hotmail [dot] com
  4. Wait while Rebecca chooses the bestest reviews (at her discretion).
  5. This competition closes in five weeks on 3 January 2013 (Australian date).


Okay, off you go, my lovely Novel Girl readers. Show me your love and go grab that book (if you wish. Only if you wish :D ).


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NYT and USA Today bestselling indie author interview: Tracey Garvis-Graves

Tracey Garvis-Graves

Have you heard of a successful, international author and wished you got to chat to them? As a writer or reader, this may be an author who’s been on the top 10 New York Times bestseller list. Or the USA Today bestseller list. Maybe they have almost 900 reviews on Amazon, with an average of 4.5 stars.

Today, Novel Girl readers, I present to you author, Tracey Garvis-Graves. Her bio is extensive. The information above is part of it.


She’s on  [Click icons]

The below interview is on her book, writing, publishing, marketing and what’s up next …


What are your views about an older woman/younger man relationship in life?

I’m married to a younger man, but I’m only six months older so I suppose that doesn’t count :) I really do believe that true love conquers all and age is just a number. If the man happens to be younger than the woman I see no problem with it. All that matters is that the couple is happy!

Every now and then, a stellar concept becomes a story. Jack and Rose, Edward and Bella, and now T.J. and Anna. Tell us about how you developed the story for On The Island.

I knew I wanted to write a desert island book. I’ve loved the premise ever since my mom took me to see The Blue Lagoon when I was thirteen-years-old. I’m also a huge fan of the T.V. show Lost, and I really enjoyed the movie Castaway, even if I didn’t quite buy the relationship between Tom Hank and the volleyball. For On the Island, I wanted to put two people who really shouldn’t be together in an isolated survival situation, and then see what unfolded.

Why did you choose to self-publish?

I was not able to obtain agent representation. I queried fourteen agents and received fourteen form rejections. On the Island didn’t fit neatly into a single genre, and it had a risky storyline. I felt it would be better to self-publish than to continue hoping that someone would take a chance on it. In retrospect, it was the best decision I ever made.

We love hearing a “How I Found My Agent” story. What does yours sound like?

My agent contacted me after On the Island started selling well. I wasn’t in need of representation for my print and e-book rights, but I needed someone to handle subsidiary and film rights. I signed an agency agreement and they’ve done a wonderful job so far. I couldn’t be happier.

What was it like receiving the news that MGM wanted to option the rights to make your novel a film?

A bit surreal, actually. I still don’t think it’s sunk in. Maybe someone should pinch me!

I never dreamed any of this would be possible. I thought I’d sell a couple hundred copies if I was lucky.

Don’t blush but I’m going to run off these stats. 250,000+ copies sold in just over 2 months; top Hollywood production company, MGM, bought the film rights; 4.7 star average on Amazon. First part: Did you think this was possible?

The book has actually been out since last September [Amazon stated this date differently when I checked. Hm, not happy about being made a fool.] so the sales period is longer than just two months, but I’ve definitely sold the bulk of those copies since mid-March. I never dreamed any of this would be possible. I thought I’d sell a couple hundred copies if I was lucky. I really hoped that readers would connect with the story, but I had no way of knowing if they would other than putting it out there and waiting patiently to see if the book would take off.

Second part: What reasoning can you describe for astronomical sales in such a short period?

Amazon selected On the Island for their ‘The Big Deal’ promotion in March. My book and 199 others were discounted and prominently displayed for an eight-day period. At the end of the promotion, I expected the book to drop back down in rank, but the opposite happened. On the Island held on and actually moved up a few spots, eventually reaching the top 10 in the Kindle store where it’s been ever since. I’ve been very fortunate to reach a large number of readers, and those readers are telling others about how much they enjoyed T.J. and Anna’s story. I have the best readers in the world.

Marketing Dos and DON’Ts for self-published authors?

Don’t waste a lot of time blogging and tweeting. Social media is important, but it isn’t what sells books. What sells books is a compelling story that is different from everything else out there. Whatever you write has to resonate with a large group of readers because it’s their word-of-mouth marketing that will really have an impact on your sales. Don’t be afraid to write something a bit ‘outside the box’.

Tell us more about your next novel, Covet. Release date, synopsis, hookline? Mmmm…

I don’t have a firm release date for Covet, but I’m shooting for late fall/early winter. It’s women’s fiction so I’m shifting genre a bit. Here’s the listing on Goodreads. The next book after Covet will be a return to contemporary romance (with a healthy dose of action and adventure).

You’ve well and truly earned your fame. The mic’s over to you for any other random, juicy gossip:

No real gossip, but I do want to let other writers know that there are many avenues to get their work in front of the readers. Self-publishing is a very viable option, and it’s wonderful to let the readers decide what is worthy of being read. If you choose your cover art carefully and write a compelling blurb for a compelling and interesting book, you have a real chance of making it. Once a book reaches the marketplace it’s on a level playing field. If readers like it they’ll review it positively and they’ll tell others. That’s the most important thing.



On the Island on:

Amazon US, Amazon UK, Penguin (Aust.), Smashwords [all eBook versions], Barnes & Noble

Tracey Garvis-Graves on:

Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Goodreads

Successful blog story: how I developed my platform and started my business

I’ve had some questions on how I built my platform and created my business so I’m taking this time to:

  1. Show you how I transformed this blog into a site so many people actually read (I don’t know why, but you’ve come flocking and I’m grateful)
  2. Thank people who’ve helped me. You deserve to be recognised—I couldn’t have reached 4,500 overall site views in less than three months without you
  3. Shamelessly plug my new editing services and some great writers

"Supporting others"

Rule One: Support other people

My first priority whether I’m writing, blogging, editing or reading is helping other people. I believe in karma. And no, it’s not in the sense that I’ll be paid back for my efforts. Rather, I believe I’ll be assisting, and seeing others happy makes my life worth it.

Whether I add a few site hits, a comment that makes someone’s day, or a referral that boosts sales, I’m always trying to be the best blogger I can be. Here are my ‘rules’:

  • I must read and comment on multiple blogs a day.
  • I must Tweet links that will help writers or bloggers.
  • I must Facebook-link articles that benefit writers or bloggers.

Rule Two: Write for an audience

This is the volume of readers I'm aiming for

Rambles will always attract fewer viewers that articles that give useful information to readers. Here’s a question:

Would you rather read someone blubbering about their horrible Work In Progress (WIP) novel or sharing tips on how they found their agent?

So, here’s what I do:

  • Write posts with similar topics/content that I’d like to read
  • Give out information to the best of my ability that’s true and interesting

The best platforms for writers and bloggers

Rule Three: Use the top social media sites for your interests

Here’s what I do when I post new articles:

  • Post links to Writer’s Digest Community (See ‘Links for fiction writing’ for detailed information on the site): I post to the relevant groups on WDC for the content in my article
  • Tweet links to my posts with the relevant most popular hashtags for writers.
  • Facebook links to writing groups, my profile and my Editing Services Page.
  • Tag my posts with the most popular WordPress ‘Topics’. For me these are: writing (most common referer), fiction, and books.
  • I also post to other sites with links if I think it’s relevant such as: Ladies Who Critique and discussions on Amazon like this one.

Don’t SKIP this part (please?)–These people helped me and you deserve to meet them

Melissa Foster— “Melissa Foster is as kind as she is successful. With her experience, Melissa is the best advocate for writing, publishing and marketing. Hands down.” – Rebecca Berto, Editor.

If you don’t know her, she’s a bestselling author and award-winner. Visit her at: her website, her Amazon Page, the site she runs: World Literary Café, her Facebook Page, or Twitter.

Christine Nolfi–Indie Author with 4.5-star reviews on Amazon.

She’s plugged our interview, ‘Author Interview with Christine Nolfi: traditional and self-publishers, and writerly advice’ more times than I have. She’s a great writer to support. Visit her at: her blog, her Amazon Page, her Facebook Page, or Twitter.

The Book Designer—Practical advice to help build better books

I was listed in the Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #15 and received a huuuuge number of hits (I think it was a lot, anyway). See my articles here.

Bloggers who nominated me for awards—The best compliment is having others appreciate your efforts

I’m sorry I can’t link everyone to your blogs but thank you to all of these lovely people/blogs: Springfieldfem, H. Conrad Miller, Rilla Z, Peggy Isaacs, W. R. Woolf, worshipandswag, Kate Policani, The writer, the reviser, the visualizer, Pragya, Judy, matthewcook, and anyone else I missed!

Laura Pepper Wu–creator of Ladies Who Critique

She posted my photo and services next to Wendy Tokunaga, Caroline Leavitt (Pictures of You), and Cathy Yardley! Enough said. Visit her at: her blog, LWC site, LWC Facebook Page, Twitter.

Phil Whitmarsh—from Self Publishing, Inc.

Phil contacted me because he liked my articles and to cut a long story short he agreed to PUBLISH my ‘Best advice I’ve learned’ series on upcoming newsletters from Self Publishing, Inc. These newsletters are circulated to 70,000 subscribers! Check back in a couple of weeks when I can give you links to see them! :)

The launch of my Novel Girl Facebook page!

Please support me! (One-click link on Home page or if you click this photo)

I grabbed an ABN (Australian Business Number) a few months ago in case I found some editing work. Then I built a blog. Then I found writer and blogger friends. Then I setup my Editing Services (officially).

And now I’ve had several requests! That’s my story—compacted.

Thank you to the people who re-Tweeted my Tweets, to Melissa Foster and Laura from LWC for advertising, and everyone else who’s referred me or shared the word! My business wouldn’t have been such a success without you!

Yes, this is a plug. And I should feel embarrassed for plugging myself when I should be talking about writing, editing, publishing or books but … I’m too happy.

Matthew DiConti is a client of mine. You should check out his site, Twitter, or Facebook Page to learn more about him. He’s a wonderful writer and I’ll always have a soft spot for his faith in me so early on in my business’ life!

I might also be working with talented author A.J. Maguire (blog and Amazon Page).

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed to my success. If I haven’t mentioned you it’s not because I forgot about you—it’s because I’m spinning and I’ve been in this dazed state of excitement for almost three months now. Yes, Novel Girl is a few days away from its 3 month birthday. I have 4,500 overall site views, 166 WordPress subscribers, and editing clients. W-O-W.

Guest post: Why so many diets fail; how you can make yours work

My First Guest Post!

My readers have been so supportive with my writing advice and book reviews — thank you, by the way — but Brittany from Newsic to my Ears has asked me to guest post on health and dieting. And … I’ve just posted my first article Why so many diets fail; how you can make yours work.

Health is so important. The number of people who are overweight has doubled since 1980. In 2008, WHO said that 1.5 billion people are overweight.

Many of you may not be aware that I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. I’ve seen many dietitians and other similar specialists for my health over the years and I’ve compiled some tips on losing weight pre-Christmas (so you have an excuse to feel less guilty pigging out on Christmas Day).

Heaven in a tub (Image courtesy of Yoplait)

Here’s a taster for what’s in the article:



Click HERE to read the rest of my article! Yay! Thanks.