Book review: Passion by Lauren Kate


Lauren Kate has satisfied fans in the third installment in the Fallen series. Passion starts off directly from where Torment ends and follows an on-the-go plot line. Lauren uses her captivating writing style to enthrall readers. Passion is a winner.

This book review will be mostly for any stragglers ogling at the angel/paranormal/Fallen bandwagon. I bought this book the day of release and finished it within three days. And, I feel like regardless of your age, if you like a bit of romance strapped in with faced-paced action, this is your book.

From the beginning, Passion draws you in with the distinct voice and vivid world. This romantic journey between a fallen angel, Daniel, and a human, Luce, is one of those love stories you remember years later. In this third book, we get to see what happened before the present day Daniel and Luce. Readers are taken on a chase journey all over the globe and back through time. One aspect that Lauren really upped in this book were the histories and relationships linking the other supporting characters, which created a lot more substance.

Although readers receive a satisfying insight into Luce and Daniel’s past first hand, tensions are raised further than they are resolved. I found that in leading up to the climax, many readers would figure out who the ‘bad guy’ is but don’t be discouraged. Lauren knows how to create a New York Times Bestselling series and she’s succeeded with the latest in the Fallen series. You’ll want to pay big bucks to whomever you can just to get your hands on the fourth,not-yet-released book, Rapture.

Passion is hard to put down; character and past insights are too tempting to ignore. I lost sleep by reading late into the night because Luce and Daniel’s journey resonates deeper than most. Passion won’t let down fans and has proven to be a winner. I hope new readers or anyone unsure of this book gives it a go. If you or anyone you know love angels; romance; action; or historical or young adult fiction, then please share this post. You can click the ‘share’ button below or simply copy and paste my blog link to your social networking site.

If you’d like to buy Passion or any of the other Fallen books, by Lauren Kate, I’ve provided links to my favourite (cheapest!) online book store to buy from. I’ve also listed the order of the books (and even the pre-order for the fourth book due to come out in 2012). Just click on the title to buy! ;)

Fallen (2009)
Torment (2010)
Passion (2011)
Rapture (June 2012)