Popular posts on writing & publishing

I’d hate for the posts you want to get lost among my archives, so I’ve put together these posts that people seem to keep coming back for — and thank you for finding them in the first place.

These posts are your resources for top-quality writing and publishing.


Character Profile Template — ready to download

— a template ready-to-use for writers to flesh out a character.

The Three-Act Structure = save your story

— Includes a visualisation (diagram) of the points needed in story structure.

Look… No, You Look: Writing Male and Female PoV by Rayne Hall

— Differences between how males vs. females view things in real life to apply to your story.

My 5 fears (and me ripping myself to shreds)

— my writerly fears (sometimes irrational) and the answers I’d tell myself if I were someone else.

We all feel like the worst writer in the world (but we’re not)

— and a similar post on the freaky similarities on how all writers think they’re crappy.

The writing BFF — essential for a writer

— because “writing” friends will always be different to “life” friends and this is why.

Writing tip #1: Don’t write what the scene is about

— a bad example of a scene and how I re-wrote it to work. P.S. Hopefully it does work and I don’t make a fool of myself.

Writing tip #2: lose readers vs. grab readers

— common margin errors, flow, interaction, empathy, adverbs/adjectives, passive sentences, hook — it’s all here.

My top 10 tips for fiction writers

–self-explanatory. But can you guess tip #1?

Ideas on beating writer’s block

— how to never fall into that dreaded Writer Rut.

What I learned from the Emerging Writers Festival: Structure

— archetypal characters, jargon, signposting, the 7 stories, opening sentence, and colour cards for outlining.

Cheat from my homework: Why you need to know fairy tales

— recurrent themes and how fairy tales can enrich your manuscript.

Cheat from my homework: Fairy tales, motifs and Harry Potter!

— recurrent motifs and how these aspects can enrich your manuscript.


Affordable book cover designers for self-published authors

— list of current cover designers from cheap to more pricey, all suited for the budget of a self-publishing author.

I want to buy your book but — (Part 1, Covers)

— so many self-published authors have hideous book covers. My mission is to make this trend history.


I want to buy your book but — (Part 2, Editing)

— also, self-published authors don’t get editing, copyright pages or margins correct. This post will solve these problems too.

How to edit out crap from your manuscript

— As a junior editor and published author, here are my tips to improve your manuscript.


Blurb writing: you can do it (well)!

— Tips to write a better blurb.

11 pre-release buzz and exposure tips for authors

— Start marketing like a pro with these free and easy tips!

Twitter abuse (Part 1): Gain followers the right way

— Easy help to get thousands of followers without spamming or spending money.

Twitter abuse (Part 2): writing effective tweets

— get the best out of your tweets in the least time.

Agents and queries: compiled DOs

— the top compiled tips and a checklist when querying.

Agents and queries: What NOT to do

— … and how not to query an agent. [WARNING: this is a total laugh]

Emerging Writers’ Festival: publishing trends and tips

— a new genre, tips for YA and MG writers, pitching, and the slush pile.

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