Thank you for visiting. There are two ways to contact me.

  • for all book review requests, please use the below form; and
  • for all other emails (interview request, guest post request, saying hello, other note) email me at:


[For authors and publicists contacting me regarding book reviews, please ensure the book falls within my interests. I.e. no high fantasy. -- see my 'Feature on my blog page']

*** I am severely reducing my book reviews to focus on my writing/publishing. You can still contact me, but I can’t promise anymore that I’m able to reply. I will rarely be able to take on any new review requests. I’m sorry! ***

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Thank you so much for your outline. I was looking for somethin’ like it so i can work on a book. and yours is EXACTLY what i was looking for!! thank you thank you thank you

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