For fiction writing

A picture of a manuscript to excite you :)

Here’s a list of my favourite sites on fiction writing and/or publishing (in no particular order):

  • Authonomy is a writing community site, which is run by HarperCollins. This site is a place for authors. Unpublished and self-published authors can post their manuscripts for visitors (including readers, agents, and publishers) to read. A few authors have even been published by HarperCollins from posting on this site (HC reads the most popular manuscripts).
  • Advanced Fiction Writing (link to The Snowflake Method) for anyone writing a novel who loves plotting, who finds that they get stuck midway through their manuscript, gets writer’s block, or just needs help shaping their story, this is the site for you! You are sure to come out with a better idea on structuring your novel even if you only try out a couple of the steps.
  • The Writer for amateur writers, this should be one of your quick links. You’ll see that after a while the advice becomes repetitive but it’s excellent advice. You can pay for a subscription to their mag, but a lot of content is free too. They have articles and blogs on writing, editing, publishing; videos on critiquing queries; answers to many other writing-related questions.
  • Writer’s Digest is similar to The Writer on all levels. More on the Writer’s Digest, they have a Writer’s Digest Community where authors can connect with other authors all over the world on all types of writing. This is a great place for unpublished authors to get in contact with published authors;share their writing and receive feedback; and connect with similar peers on the writing and publishing industry.
  • Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent who blogs regularly with consistently awesome advice and tips. You need to follow her or else you’ll fall behind in writing, publishing and trends.
  • Storyfix is run by Larry Brooks. He has a book filled with the advice in Story Engineering (check out compact lessons I’ve revised here). He is the master of story structure and will help you sort out big-scale issues with your manuscript or script.
I hope you find my hand-selected list helpful. Please leave me a comment on your opinions, your own experiences, and, of course, your favourite sites!

Good luck my fellow authors!

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16 thoughts on “For fiction writing

  1. Thanks Rachelle Gardener is the best site for me it’s kinda great. and it has so many things and article that I wanted to know in addition, the site is sophisticated

    • I haven’t been convinced of writing software yet. I feel I can write in an easier format in Word and outline anyway outside of technology. It looks great but I don’t even use Scrivner.

      Thanks for the link, Ronald. I hope others benefit from it.

  2. Hmm. But surely there’s little value in reading about becoming a writer. It’s an industry in itself but it won’t get your book written.

    • It’s a huuuge industry–writing about writing. Becomes pointless if you don’t find the right resources. This reminds me: I need to update this page because it’s out of date and I don’t like all the links here anymore. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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