Amazon suggests Colleen Hoover fans buy Drowning in You

You heard right. Since Drowning in You went live on Amazon Kindle, something crazy, explosive happened and I debuted as a category bestseller for Coming-of-age fiction, ranked at #518!

You. Heard. Right. A mini-bestseller!

Thank you to everyone who has shared the word and bought my novel. The reception has been better than I’d dreamed. As proof, here’s the screenshot with Amazon suggesting buyers of New York Times bestselling author, Colleen Hoover’s Losing Hope!

The Losing Hope page on Amazon and "Customers Also Bought" suggestion

The Losing Hope page on Amazon and “Customers Also Bought” suggestion


You know you’ve hit it big when Amazon even breathes your name in the same sentence as Colleen Hoover!

If you hop on to my Facebook album, you’ll see I’m also suggested to buy for people who have bought USA Today bestselling author, Monica Murphy’s Second Chance Boyfriend, and other New York Times and bestselling authors’ books such as Gina Maxwell (Rules of Entanglement), my friend, Kim Karr and Amazon bestselling author (Connected), Molly McAdams (Stealing Harper), K.A. Tucker (Ten Tiny Breaths), and Nyrae Dawn (Charade).

Has your mind blown too? Mine did.

Thank you. So, so much!

My release week book blitz begins April 12 (USA time), and five eBooks of Drowning in You can be won, as well as featured guest posts by my on a) best New Adult fiction, b) my favourite quotes for readers and writers (a newbie inspired by my original here on Novel Girl), and c) on writing my fictional characters. Lots of fun stuff as well as writing advice.

The book blitz will be all over your favourite blogs since I was fortunate to have tonnes of people sign up so keep your eye open for the posts!

As a reminder, the below link goes live ~ April 12, USA time.

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Buy on Amazon!

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