Historical Romance review: MICHAL’S WINDOW by Rachelle Ayala

Rating — 4.5 stars

Pages — 458

Genre — Historical Romance

Published — April 2012


This fictional portrayal of Princess Michal (from The Bible) in Michal’s Window is a gripping story of betrayal and love.

Author Rachelle Ayala used parts from various books in The Bible and chose to tell Michal’s story of her love with King David, her husband, in ancient Israel. However, this book comes with a warning: it’s much more than a love story or a bible re-telling. It’s history re-told in all it’s passion and death.

Michal’s Window stays true to biblical events yet takes off on its own feet, drawing the reader into Michal’s passionate love for young, loving David. Michal’s father, King Saul, quickly forms a hatred towards David. A hatred that turns into a plot for murder. Michal can’t bear for her father to kill David so she lets him escape through her bedroom window. As they separate — David leaving her for an indefinite period — Michal worries when they’ll be together again.

“David, you’ll come for me, won’t you?”

“Yes, yes. I promise.”

But as time unfolds, David becomes King of Israel, a man with multiple wives. Michal remarries to Phalti. It’s only for show, and it’s not proper as she’s still legally wed to David. David, on the other hand, has risen to power and all traces of his timid, harp-playing ways have disintegrated.

Michal and Phalti live together in hiding. She’s content with the caring Phalti, but he’s not David. Does David love her anymore? Does he remember her?

Michal learns to live with the pain of her husband and his with other wives, and forms a friendship with Phalti.

But these are trying times. Michal’s life becomes riddled with tragedy. Wars are raging. People are falling by the thousands. After everything she’s been through she loses people in her lives from those closest to others she barely knows. One day, she suddenly has children to look after.

I don’t want to spoil too much since so much happens in this novel but you should check it out. Before we get too far into this review I want to share I’m a Catholic. I don’t practice often or regularly, which is why I read this book with apprehension. I need not have been. Michal’s Window is an extraordinary creation. It’s quite vivid at times in passionate scenes of love-making and does not shy away from death (however, not gory).

This novel is everything romance in history was.

This book made me angry at people’s attitude towards the LORD, and the nature of women. When I finished the book, though, I stopped and thought.

“RIVETING… a heartwrenching romance deftly evoking challenges between the sexes in Bible times.”
– Terry Long, Author of The Notorious Proposal

That’s when I found out this book leaves you with so much to think about — similar to how complex you realise Jane Eyre is once you study it at school.

Michal is such a strong-willed character for her time. King David, although secondary as a character of importance to Michal, is just as memorable.

Given all these praises, I must share the pitfalls too. The cast of characters. It’s the type of novel, especially at ~460 pages, to have plenty more characters than a regular 300-page novel; however, this meant that many were underdeveloped. Almost all the characters Rachelle Ayala used were taken from the bible so she didn’t have power over their names. Because of this, many names start with ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘J’ and ‘M’. Some characters were underdeveloped — though I’m unsure if I got confused with all the similar names.

This story is inspired by The Bible so don’t expect a cliché love story, David running after Michal the moment her plane is meant to take off, etc.

Michal’s Window is a story unlike anything you’ll read this year. It is also a bestseller in Historical Romance and Family Saga on Amazon. I recommend you read it!


Rachelle Ayala (Courtesy of Amazon)

Rachelle Ayala was a software engineer until she discovered storytelling works better in fiction than real code.

Her first book, Michal’s Window, is a romance set in Biblical times. Rachelle has always lived in a multi-cultural environment, and the tapestry in her books reflect that diversity.

Rachelle is currently working on a romantic suspense involving software engineers. She is a very happy woman.


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