Get published — literary magazines for new and emerging writers

It’s sorta ironic, isn’t it? An unpublished novelists advising others on how to get published. Well, I promise you everything here is authentic.

I’ve been thinking. I do so many posts on writing and books, but I haven’t been fair to you, my blogees. Here are links to different literary magazines geared for writers who haven’t had anything published before (new) or those with few credits to their name (emerging). Here we go …


How good would it sound to legitimately tell an agent or publisher that you’ve published fiction before? Well you can. It’s still hard to show you’re good enough to get published but it’s easier than trying to get your novel published.

A collage of literary magazines

Why not try Regime? Nathan Hondros, Editor, has this message for interested Australian and International writers:

Regime is a new magazine of short stories, poetry and performance writing to be published in Western Australia. We need contemporary writing that holds its own on an international stage and is proud of its origins (whether Perth or Paris).

Submit by email: submission [at]

Deadline: Before May 15.

More details:

Otherwise, you can try these mags who support new and/or emerging writers:


I know today’s post is a short one but I will be publishing more posts, more often now that I have more time.

Please leave suggestions and links in the comments section so we can all benefit from literary magazines I haven’t mentioned (but are beneficial). Thanks!

24 thoughts on “Get published — literary magazines for new and emerging writers

    • How nice of you! People stop by this post to find mags. I appreciate your comment! It’ll help many writers. And a site where editors give their tips will never be refused ;)

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  2. Wow! thanks for sharing all this, will definitely look into it because I’ve been thinking about putting some of my short stories into circulation (provided someone accepts them! :D).

  3. Nice :)
    I always find it difficult to find magazines like that, this is a great help.
    If you need a beta reader, I’d be happy to help.
    But don’t expect me to be able to read your book in a week, I have to study as well :)

  4. Thanks for posting this. It is so hard to get agent/editor attention and having a short story published, a huge blog following, or winning a contest can be the thing that nudges us a little closer. :)

  5. Thanks Rebecca, as always you give the best advice. Finding a publishers is like a walk in the dark. You turn on the lights. Thanks again.

  6. A great place to look for markets for your short stories is Ralan’s. ( It’s basically a big storehouse linking to different markets, you can search by genre or pay rate. It’s pretty cool.

    • I hope this list helps you. I find it difficult to gather possible anthologies and lit mags for short stories. Help isn’t as wide-spread as for agents and publishers. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

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